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Approving and declining members

These instructions are for the old themes. If you are using a new theme, please use these instructions instead.

You can approve or decline pending members in your forum by following the directions below:
  1. Login to your forum account. (Must be an administrator account.)
  2. Click the link next to the Pending approval text towards the top of the main page in your forum. If there is no Pending approval text that means the logged in user has not been assigned as an administrator or you do not have the Approve New Registrations feature activated.
  3. Click the account name of the pending member.
  4. Click the Approve or Decline link.

You can also approve or decline pending forum members through the Website Toolbox admin area:

  1. Login to your Website Toolbox account.
  2. Click the Users link
  3. In the Users menu, click the Group Permissions link.
  4. Next to the Pending Approval user group, click the Manage link. (If there is no Pending Approval user group, the Approve New Registrations option has not been enabled.)
  5. In the Manage menu, click Primary Users.
  6. Check the check box next to the users you want to approve or decline.
  7. In the floating drop down that appears on the bottom-left corner, select Approve or Decline.

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